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Check status of your claims

Use the Coughlin portal to check the status of your claims

Each member of a group benefits plan administered by Coughlin is invited to use the Coughlin portal to receive the most up-to-date information on his or her health or dental claims, plan booklets, claim forms or other information.

To access the portal, go to the "Portal log in area" located at the upper right of the Coughlin & Associates Ltd. website. 

Using the drop down menu located there, select "Member portal" link. Then, click the "Go" button. This will redirect you to the "Member Log In” page to either log in or register for the first time as follows:

A) If you are a returning visitor, enter your user identification and password on the "Member Log In" page.

B) If you are a first time user, visit the "Registration" page by clicking on the red arrow.  Here, you will enter your personal identification number, plan number and temporary password, which can be found on a recent Coughlin claim payment notice.

If you require assistance obtaining this information, contact the Coughlin portal master at:  portal@coughlin.ca.  During registration, you will be required to create your own permanent user identification and password for future access.

Once inside the portal, members will find a menu of choices.

Just click on “Claims history” to review the status of recent claims. The listing of claims activity will appear.


Step 1: visit www.coughlin.ca


Step 2:   Portal log in area


Step 3:  Use the plan member portal



Step 4:  Inside the plan member portal



Step 5:  Check the status of claims


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Important forms
Dental & medical claim forms
Pre-authorized deposit forms
Pre-authorized payment forms (Ottawa only)
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