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Across the country, thousands of Canadians rely on Coughlin & Associates Ltd. to design and administer their group life insurance, dental, medical, disability, pension, and other benefits.

Established in 1958, Coughlin & Associates Ltd. has grown from a small, specialized service provider to one of the nation's leading benefits consultancies and third party administrators, serving Canadians from coast to coast from its offices in Ottawa and Winnipeg. The reason for that success is our commitment to service. At Coughlin & Associates Ltd., service is more than a slogan. It is the cornerstone of our organization. We're committed to providing Service Beyond Expectations™ in everything we do. And we would like to share that commitment with you.

For more information about Coughlin & Associates Ltd., contact:

Ottawa Office:
466 Tremblay Road
Ottawa, ON   K1G 3R1

Tel: 613-231-2266
Fax: 613- 231-2345
Toll Free: 1-888- 613-1234

Email: Ottawa Office


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