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Policy information: PSAC Enhanced Coverage

Your choice of up to $250,000 of enhanced coverage

With PSAC Enhanced Coverage you can insure your entire family in one convenient, easy-to-manage program.

  • Coverage for you is available in units of $25,000 to a maximum of $250,000 .
  • Your spouse can also be covered to a maximum of $250,000, even if you do not join this program.
  • Optional life benefit for eligible dependant children has been increased to $20,000 per child at no extra cost to you! Each of your dependant children under the age of 19, or under the age of 25, if they are attending college or university on a full-time basis, can also be covered for $20,000 each.
  • Plus, you can receive up to $250,000 of accidental death and dismemberment coverage. If you die as a result of an accident, the benefit paid to your beneficiary will double – to a maximum of $500,000.
  • And, if you are totally disabled for nine months or longer, you may be eligible to apply to have your premium payments waived for the duration of the disability or to age 70, whichever comes first.

Remember: PSAC Enhanced Coverage is available only to members in good standing and staff of the Public Service Alliance of Canada and their spouses.