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Speciality drugs account for an ever-increasing portion of drug costs, according to the Express Scripts Canada (ESC) 2013 Drug Trend Report. The drug research and pharmacy benefit management firm reports that while specialty drugs accounted for only 1.3 ...Read More
Canadians are spending an increasing percentage of their household income on health care, Statistics Canada reports. In its report entitled Trends in out-of-pocket health care expenditures in Canada, by household income, 1997-2009, the government agency ...Read More
Quebec has become the first jurisdiction in Canada to allow terminally ill patients to choose to die with the help of a physician. In a 94-22 vote, Quebec’s National Assembly endorsed the bill virtually unchanged from the earlier provisions tabled ...Read More
June 27, 2014
Coughlin Courier
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Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death in Canada.   According to the Canadian Cancer Society, it is estimated 75,500 people died from the disease in 2013.  Of those that fell victim to the disease, more than 20,000 died from lung can...Read More
Canada can afford to dramatically increase Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits without making major changes to eligibility, according to former Statistics Canada assistant chief statistician Michael Wolfson. Speaking at a symposium sponsored by the Univer...Read More
Roughly one-third of patients taking popular medications do not adhere to their prescription regimes, according to data published by Express Scripts Canada (ESC). According to the pharmacy benefit management and drug research firm, non-adherence rates of...Read More
The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ruled that a trial can take place to determine whether workplace harassment can lead to a long-term disability. The case involves a woman employed by a major retailer who was stalked and threatened throughout 200...Read More
For more than one-quarter of Canadians, their home is more than their castle:  it’s their retirement income. Data released by Sun Life Financial indicates that 24 per cent of Canadians are planning for their home to be their primary source of ...Read More
The debate surrounding electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) continues to grow as more people begin to use the new smoking devices. To date, Health Canada has issued cease and desist notices to 250 businesses selling nicotine-based e-cigaret...Read More
Freedom 55 may not be all that attractive after all. More than half of those who retire between the age of 55 and 64 return to work within 10 years, according to data released by Statistics Canada. In a study of workers who retired between the years of ...Read More
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has appointed an expert panel to develop a made-in-Ontario pension to supplement the federal Canada Pension Plan (CPP.) Heading the list of appointees is former prime minister Paul Martin, who played a key role in reforming...Read More
April 17, 2014
Coughlin & Associates Ltd. client systems NOT impacted by “Heartbleed” vulnerability.Read More
Salaries increased by 2.5 per cent from November 2012 to November 2013, Statistics Canada reports.  Following are the average gross weekly earnings by province before deductions: Northwest Territories - $1,337.14Alberta - $1,131.40Nunavut  - $1,...Read More
Too many doctors are prescribing anti-depressants to treat “normal” periods of sadness, says one of Canada’s leading psychiatrists. According to McGill University professor and former chair of its Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Joel Pari...Read More
The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ruled in favour of a woman who claimed she was discriminated against due to a disability, despite the fact that the Tribunal agreed that her employer had acted in good faith to accommodate her medical condition. The ...Read More
New rules expanding the power of Ontario’s naturopaths to treat complex medical conditions and prescribe drugs have met with a powerful backlash from that province’s physicians and surgeons. The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ontar...Read More
The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the province of Ontario’s ban on sales by pharmacies of their own generic private label prescription drugs. The ruling by the high court effectively torpedoes the plans by the country’s major pharmacy ch...Read More
Approximately one-third of Canada’s public sector pension plans are contemplating reducing their benefits, an Aon-Hewitt survey suggests. In a review of 139 public sector plans representing $250 billion in assets covering 2 million members, almost ...Read More
March 07, 2014
Coughlin Courier
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