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Privileged Selection

Personal financial programs for you and your family

Privileged Selection group life insurance

With Privileged Selection Group Life Insurance, you can insure your entire family in one convenient, easy-to-manage program.

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Privileged Selection critical illness insurance

A severe illness can permanently reduce your physical or mental abilities — it could even end your career. With Privileged Selection critical illness insurance, you can receive an immediate lump sum payment of up to $150,000 if you are diagnosed with one of 17 critical illnesses.

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Individual health and dental coverage

If you are self-employed, retired or don't have group health and dental coverage available through work, click here to find out how you can purchase this coverage for yourself.



Benefits beyond age 65

Many benefit plans and group insurance contracts terminate at age 65. The solution: Individual benefits coverage. To find out how to receive benefits coverage after age 65, click here.



TOP RATE guaranteed investment certificates

For individual GICs, click here.

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Personal financial programs for you and your family.