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Benefits consulting services

Coughlin & Associates Ltd.’s benefits consulting services

Which benefits consultant is best for your organization?  Which one offers the most value – not only in dollars and cents but also in products, services and support?

Coughlin & Associates Ltd.’s team of experienced benefits consultants can help your organization to develop the most effective benefits or pension plan for your members or employees.  Plus, we'll help find and select the insurance provider with the track record that best meets your organization’s business objectives and management philosophy. 

Our consulting services include:

  • competitive analyses of group benefits and pension plans;
  • managing the development and introduction of benefits programs to your employees or members;
  • establishing plan governance criteria to ensure administrative practices conform to legislated accounting and management standards;
  • monitoring investments and assisting with investment manager searches;
  • presentations to senior management, plan trustees and employees/members;
  • developing employee/member communications including printed, electronic, web-based and one-on-one communications programs;
  • developing managed care programs to manage health, dental, short-term and long-term disability claims; and
  • providing individual financial services including personal retirement income planning, life insurance, estate planning or other needs.

The result:  Benefits programs designed to meet your organization's needs, backed by the Coughlin commitment to provide Service Beyond Expectations™ in everything we do.

Click here to learn more about Coughlin's employee benefits consulting services.

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